Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello my All Good friends and family!!

Ra Ra Rish Coom Ba, run a little and say hurrah!! Who wants to run their life away just to find out once on the scale that no weight has been dropped? Does this sound familiar? Cause I know it's happened to me a lot!! Let support each other in creating a healthier lifestyle by doing things that we WANT to do and LOVE to do rather than what we HAVE to do to become more healthy. Statistics show that an individual will stick to a healthy lifestyle (namely exercise and diet) if they do things and eat things that they like.

Every year or semester I say that I'm going to run more, etc. but I hate running, therefore I give up on it in just a few weeks. A challenge for you all this week is to find something that you love to do like rock climbing, dancing, racket ball, tennis, walking with a friend, etc. Just have FUN!!

K, this year we are just going to weigh in individually and we are going to just have names because we usually figure out who everyone is anyway. We will have starting weight and then percent lost throughout the year. I also have each persons goal so at the end of the competition I will post the percentage of each persons goal.

Here's the starting weights:

Jan. 1

Mom= 168
Ryan= 273
Tyeanna= 145
Josh= 221.4
Krista= 153
Tessa= 203.5
Amanda = 182


  1. Thanks Tess! Sounds great. I'm excited for this year. Time to recommit already!

  2. Thanks Governess, I am excited also. Good job on the blog. Thank you. Good luck to everyone. Mom