Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey Guys, Sorry that I've been a slacker and haven't posted the progresses for a long time. I've been SO busy and crazy stressed with work and school. I promise I will update them sometime soon :)

Thanks for understanding!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey guys. Good job on all of your hard work!!

Here are the numbers for January 14 and total percentage lost:

Josh - 218 1.5% loss
Krista - 151.6 0.9% loss
Tessa - 197 3.2% loss
Tyeanna -145 0.0% loss
Ryan - 270 1.1% loss
Amanda - 180 1.1% loss
Mom - 162 3.6% loss

Here are the numbers for January 21 and total percentage lost:

Josh - 219 1.1% loss
Krista - 150.6 1.6% loss
Tessa - 195.5 3.9% loss
Tyeanna -145 0.0% loss
Ryan - 267 2.2% loss
Amanda - 180 1.1% loss
Mom - 163 3.0% loss

Keep up the good work guys. Lets just remember to do something fun everyday that will get us up on our feet and active. And, DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! I'm taking a Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription class so you all better be prepared for me to do fitness tests on you the next time I see you!! I'm way excited to start putting all the info together that I've learned in the past 5 years and to start doing something that will benefit my life and yours if you will let me. Love you all!! Good job!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Job Guys!!!

You guys did so well the second week!!!! Here are the weights. This weeks weights will be coming once I get a few more peoples weights.

Jan. 1 Jan. 7 Total % lost

Mom = 168 164 2.4
Ryan = 273 270 1.1
Tye = 145 145 0
Josh = 221.4 220 0.5
Krista = 153 152 0.6
Tessa = 203 197 3.2
Amanda = 182 180 1.1

Keep up the good work!!

Hello my All Good friends and family!!

Ra Ra Rish Coom Ba, run a little and say hurrah!! Who wants to run their life away just to find out once on the scale that no weight has been dropped? Does this sound familiar? Cause I know it's happened to me a lot!! Let support each other in creating a healthier lifestyle by doing things that we WANT to do and LOVE to do rather than what we HAVE to do to become more healthy. Statistics show that an individual will stick to a healthy lifestyle (namely exercise and diet) if they do things and eat things that they like.

Every year or semester I say that I'm going to run more, etc. but I hate running, therefore I give up on it in just a few weeks. A challenge for you all this week is to find something that you love to do like rock climbing, dancing, racket ball, tennis, walking with a friend, etc. Just have FUN!!

K, this year we are just going to weigh in individually and we are going to just have names because we usually figure out who everyone is anyway. We will have starting weight and then percent lost throughout the year. I also have each persons goal so at the end of the competition I will post the percentage of each persons goal.

Here's the starting weights:

Jan. 1

Mom= 168
Ryan= 273
Tyeanna= 145
Josh= 221.4
Krista= 153
Tessa= 203.5
Amanda = 182